EDulting: Houston Special

This month Tara and I had the opportunity to chat with Kylie Mitchell of As total fan girls of her blog, we were super excited. Kylie has been blogging her experience navigating postpartum body changes, which resonates quite a bit for me right now. You guys. My twins just turned one. ONE! Truly the longest/shortest time. I digress...

I happened to be in Houston to present a seminar on eating disorders and postpartum mood disorders at the Postpartum Support International Conference. It seemed a great chance to connect and to pull from both our collective current/previous experiences with walking out recovery in the postpartum period. We are so grateful that Kylie was available and willing to jump into this kind of conversation with us. 

Think this won't be relevant for you? There is something here for everyone! Our conversation also wanders to how to pick advocacy battles and ways to check yourself when using gentle nutrition in recovery, which are relevant for anyone in recovery.

We hope you enjoy. 


Prefer to watch? You can also catch it on YouTube.

EDulting: Embodied Recovery

Tara and I were so pumped to have Tracy Brown, RD as a guest this month on our podcast! Tracy is a somatic nutrition and body image coach and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping people come home to their bodies and heal their relationship with food and weight. In this episode we discuss the process of becoming connected with your body during recovery as both a source of important information, of joy, and as a way to live out body acceptance.

Like many practitioners who value embodiment, I believe the self is inseparable from the body, that the body isn't just "a vehicle for transporting the soul," so it's refreshing to connect with someone so like-minded.

(By the way, I hate that phrase. It's often invoked when trying to convey the importance of taking care of one's body, like you would a car. The problem I have with that is continuing to view my body as an object, something to be tinkered with, maintained, and repaired without regard to the essential interconnectedness and interdependency of mind, body, and spirit. Last I checked, your mind and spirit were not dependent on your car to stay alive and learn about the world and yourself.) 


Tracy also has some great resources and tools if you want to learn more: 

Body Bashing Decoder: