EDulting: Beach Body Bullshit

It's that time of year. It seems you can't shake a sarong without hearing some diet culture BS around getting "bikini ready," and the fad diets are in full force. The unfortunately reality, is that often it's really "relapse season" for many who struggle with eating disorders/disordered eating.

The transition from Spring to Summer brings expectations of more revealing clothing, outdoor activities, and changes from more structure (school, work, kids), to less structure. All of these, on top of the extra media focus on diets and bodies, can be extra stress and triggers for those working on recovery from an eating disorder (heck, for all of us).

This month we tackle these triggers, the frustration with how the fitness/wellness industry is often the diet industry in disguise, and what to say to the haters. 

EDulting is hard, but we can do hard things. 

If watching helps you listen, here is a link to the YouTube video: