Walk + Talk Therapy

Many of us struggle to get any time outside of our homes, offices, or cars (I miss you, vitamin D!). We struggle to incorporate gentle movement into our day. Some people even struggle with the intensity of sitting across from someone in the office, or with the intensity of having to sit in general for an hour. Wouldn't it be great to have the option to be outside, enjoying nature and the physical and emotional benefits of movement?

In my practice I frequently treat eating disorders and disordered eating. Thus, many of my clients have a punitive relationship with movement. They use it to punish themselves, "earn" calories and food, or in attempts to control body shape. Walk + Talk sessions are a way to introduce gentle, mindful (dare I say, joyful?) movement with support. Research also shows that physical movement can increase blood flow and access to different parts of the brain, which may offer a new perspective on old thinking. It also offers an experiential environment to learn new grounding techniques for anxiety and PTSD while building the mind/body connection.

I also work with new moms, and walk + talk sessions are well suited for moms, as mom can bring baby in a stroller or carrier and have 2 for 1 self care: therapy and a walk outside!

Heads up! Walk + Talk sessions may not be suited for everyone. Interested clients will be assessed for safety, confidentiality concerns, and medical stability prior to participation. 


Q: Where do walk and talk therapy sessions happen?

A: My office is close to many local parks and trails. We would meet at the park of your choice, then head out for our walk. 

Q: What should I wear?

A: You should come dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather and shoes for walking. 

Q: What about bad weather?

A: We will discuss a back-up plan before scheduling our first walk & talk session. The back-up plan can include using my office or having an online session. If you prefer to walk outside, I am not bothered by light rain, but it will always be your choice!

Q: Is this a cardio workout?

A: No! This is a leisurely walk and you can set the walking pace that allows you to comfortably talk. I am NOT a physical trainer and this is NOT an exercise plan. While we walk we stay focused on talking, but also reap the benefits of leisurely physical movement and being outside!

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: These sessions are the same as typical office sessions as far as length, scheduling, and cost. The biggest difference is confidentiality. Since we are walking in public, I am unable to control what others can hear or who we see. Generally this is not a problem, as it is not obvious that I am your therapist. Prior to a walk & talk session, we will review an informed consent for walk & talk sessions and discuss how to handle possible scenarios. If you ever feel uncomfortable with walking for any reason, we will stop and resume in office or online sessions.

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