I don’t flatter myself to think that there are readers who have noticed, “hey, Ryanne hasn’t blogged anything in a while,” but I’m giving you my explanation anyway!

There has been radio silence as I have furiously researched, written policies and procedures, scoured the best curriculum components, created forms and guides, marketed, and untold other tasks all in preparation for something super exciting…

(are you in suspense??)

Starting next month, Joleen and I are launching a telebehavioral health intensive outpatient program for eating disorders (THE FIRST OF IT’S KIND IN OKLAHOMA!). Using HIPAA-compliant telehealth software, participants will be able to access comprehensive, specialized eating disorder treatment from across the state.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. This has been a dream since I started working at the inpatient program at Brookhaven and realized there was a figurative treatment cliff I was pushing my patient’s off of upon discharge. There just are not many step-down treatment options (or step up if outpatient hasn’t been working for you) in Oklahoma for adults with eating disorders, and not many people can afford the high cost of private treatment programs out of state.

We are launching our first 6-week pilot program on November 6, although enrollment is rolling. The group will be limited to 2-6 participants, so if you, a loved one, or a client are in need of affordable, accessible specialized eating disorder treatment, please reach out! You can get more information about the program and admission criteria in the REGISTRATION GUIDE, emailing, or calling 918-861-4973.