the capacity to recover from difficulties; an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

You haven't felt like yourself in so long.

You keep trying different things, but you still feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and stuck. Over time, your life has become increasingly smaller in the effort to get unstuck. Perhaps your feelings have even been so confusing or overwhelming that you have tried to cope in harmful ways. You're struggling with unhealthy behaviors, disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and guilt about even having these feelings in the first place. You're at war with yourself, and there is no winner. You feel stuck. You're not sure how to get unstuck, but you know that you do want to learn to feel better. You want to feel more equipped to handle all that life can throw at you. You want to  be more resilient.

Resilience can be learned. 

The Resilience Center is a team of highly skilled, caring, experienced professionals who are passionate about helping clients live an embodied life, connected meaningfully to one's values and with respect to the complex interplay between mind, body, heart, and spirit. 

What we do

We provide somatically informed services. Our team includes a licensed professional counselor and a registered dietitian with extensive training and experience in treating mental health concerns, eating disorders, and postpartum mood disorders.

Our Specialties

Eating Disorders

You CAN overcome your body loathing and learn to accept (and even love) yourself. Counseling can help you ditch diets, restricting, binging, and/or purging and gain a truly healthy perspective about eating with respect to both your body and your emotions. Nutritional counseling can keep you focused on meeting your body's needs putting the focus back on care of your body rather than control.

Postpartum Mood Disorders

You keep hearing that baby blues are normal, that this "should" be the best time of your life, but you just feel empty and overwhelmed. You keep wondering if you're really a good parent. Maybe you have terrifying intrusive thoughts. Counseling can give you the skills to navigate your worry and anxiety. You can learn to face your deepest, darkest feelings and fears in a safe and manageable way.


You feel haunted, contaminated, and jumpy. You can't shake the thought that you are "bad" and deserved the "bad" thing that happened to you. You want to forget but can't. Counseling can help you gain understanding about why you think and act like you do. Learning skills to help in stopping the nightmares and the bad memories in combination with learning ways to respond to shame can lead to incredible healing.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

You feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster, traveling high-speed, peaking the highest of the highs, and then dropping to the lowest of the lows within a matters of minutes, days or weeks. It feels like there’s no in-between. Sometimes you have overwhelming  impulses to spend money when happy or to hurt yourself when upset. Stress can explode into rage and all of this leaves your relationships damaged or broken. Counseling for BPD is highly personalized, but will include elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Counseling can teach you the resilience to carry on, the skills to understand and express intense feelings, and the ability to give empathy and understanding to yourself and others.


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